2008 10 25
Wassup 2008

Here’s a short video to watch (unless you are sick to death of US election stuff). It’s a take-off on a series of beer ads from several years ago which had a group of friends going “Wassup?” “Wazzzzzzuuuuuupppp?” to each other on the phone.

Wassup 2008

Keep watching to the end.

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2008 03 29
Two baseball videos

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Pop musician John Mayer does play-by-play on a Red Sox game in Japan, with an acute sense of his own inability to do play-by-play. (hosted at the funny “awful announcing” blog)

Royals outfielder Joey Gathright avoids a collision with style.

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2008 01 26
Kit Fine tribute video

Kit Fine is a philosopher who writes on logic, metaphysics, language, and other issues in a fairly technical way. With that background, I present Kit Fine: Doin it well.

Is Kit Fine hard to read, so we are macho if we read him? Does Kit Fine inspire us to do difficult things by his salubrious example? What is this video trying to tell us? I hope I’m not missing a philosophy joke out of ignorance; I’ll be really embarrassed if I am.

Whatever it is, I’m strangely fascinated.

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2007 11 18
Not amused

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I didn’t bother to post this at the time, but Yoon and I have watched it three times over the last few weeks and howled each time, which is surely a sign that it’s worth sharing. Best watched with the sound on, I think.

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2007 10 12
Papelbon is more secure than I am.

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Oh my goofy-ass Red Sox, you never fail to entertain. Here’s Red Sox pitcher Jonathan Papelbon dancing an energetic Irish dance, possibly in his boxer briefs, before an adoring crowd at Fenway. Watch til the end when others come out to get in on the act.

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2007 07 21
Standing as one

After Paul posted a deliciously silly Kevin Costner movie trailer, Anne confessed in the comments that she just assumed that everyone had already seen it. People, this is how utility goes unmaximized! So, in the spirit of recycling old favourites for the odd soul who might have missed it the first time, I give you America: We Stand As One. When I first found this video, I showed it to my roommate at the time, a Serb who finds the U.S. deeply puzzling in many respects. We agreed that after much searching, we had probably finally found the Essence of America.

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