2008 06 28
House hunt

So Spencer and I are probably going to buy a house in the next year or so. Maybe much sooner than that. This means a lot of looking at grim news about the market and the interest rates and the stock market and other things we have heretofore ignored, in addition to speculating about the future of the small semi-rural town where we’re living. (This means a lot of opportunity for noodling around on the internet doing “research”.) We’re trying to get an older house in an ok neighborhood within walking distance of the college, and this means there are not a lot of places to choose from. Will keep y’all posted as events unfold.

At any rate – It’s Lovely, I’ll Take It is a source of relief during the search. Ridiculous photos from real estate listings on the west coast. Similar pics are posted of places in our area – a farmhouse built in 1800 that’s been converted a la “Monster House” with fake jungle sections, full wall airbrush-style murals of dolphins, etc. A house with dried flowers in bunches all over the walls, floor to ceiling, with about a half dozen trophy deer heads interspersed.

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2008 01 26
Fragments discovered at Herculaneum…

…reveal a tiny window onto the oddity of the ancient world. Or maybe, the perpetual oddity of the human world. (I found this linked from Metafilter, more tidbits there on the recovered stuff.)

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2006 03 28
“Fukuyama’s Fantasy”

Shorter Krauthammer:

Only deliberate misquotation could produce the impression that I’m a deluded, warmongering hack.

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2006 03 08
Shorter Powerline

Gosh, that’s a steep cliff Cheney is saying we should jump from and I really don’t see how we could survive the fall onto all those jagged rocks – and yet, and yet he sounds so very resolute that he must be serious and if he’s serious I can only assume that we’ll be doing it, and that we’ll be right to do it . . . and I just hope everyone else has the good sense to join us.

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2005 05 11
Shorter Saletan

Shorter Saletan: The more creationists lie about their views and intentions, the more impressive I find them.

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2005 04 21

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Shorter David Brooks: Placing legislative decisions in the hands of a minority is bad, because it robs conservative majorities of their democratic rights. Allowing minorities to control legislative decisions is good, because it enables conservative minorities to stop expansions of federal power.

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2004 05 04
Shorter George Will

Shorter George Will: “Somehow racially loaded smears from Republicans seem less funny when I’m a potential target.”

Howls of outrage (2)

2004 04 05
Shorter Hitchens

Shorter Christopher Hitchens: “It is increasingly difficult to portray my political opponents as feckless, morally backwards, uninformed knaves for failing to support a war of conquest sold as a humanitarian intervention – and yet I persist.”

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