2004 09 17
Nothing says “I love you” like complicity in mass murder

Amnesty International has another go at conflict diamonds:

Amnesty International in collaboration with Global Witness has launched a survey of US diamond retailers to determine whether their diamonds are certifiably conflict free. On Saturday, September 18, a National Day of Action on Conflict Diamonds, activists in 40 cities in 26 US states will question retailers on what they are doing to comply with a voluntary system of self-regulation aimed to stop the trade in conflict diamonds, with the survey results expected in October. The survey is also being conducted in Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland, the UK and Holland.

Bodies representing the diamond industry, including the diamond retail sector, have agreed to a system of self-regulation that aims to exclude conflict diamonds from the legitimate diamond trade. This system supports the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, an international certification system that requires participants to have control regimes to ensure that shipments of rough diamonds are conflict free.
. . .
“In March this year our research revealed that some major players in the US diamond jewelry retail sector, which accounts for over half of global diamond jewelry retail sales, are not adequately carrying out basic measures of the self-regulation,” added Corinna Gilfillan of Global Witness.

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