2005 09 30
The Relativist

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Steven Metcalf doesn’t like Simon Blackburn’s latest:

While Blackburn generously names his allies�the philosophers Bernard Williams, Thomas Nagel, and Hilary Putnam�details about his enemies are left sketchy. In Truth, the hostility to the unnamed relativist so overflows at points as to make her sound more like a solipsist, a nihilist, or even a willful and demented child. I spent a number of years in and around English departments and certainly met plenty of nudniks and witnessed my share of bizarre seminar discussions. But never once did I meet the shameless knave that Blackburn describes.

Well, I have. Repeatedly. Undergraduates tend to be the worst offenders when it comes to spouting relativistic nonsense, but they have older, and only slightly more sophisticated, allies all over the humanities, philosophy departments for the most part excepted. So I’m as puzzled by Steven Metcalf’s claim as he is of Blackburn’s.

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2005 05 04
“Isn’t it all relative?”

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A dialogue.

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