2007 11 10
Allow me to insinuate myself into the hustle and flow of this rockin’ blog.

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Late last night the local Fox affiliate here in Boston reported that Julio Lugo was taking a little trip to his native Dominican Republican [sic].

That is all.

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2007 04 03
Actually, we’re all happy about it

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Overheard in the gym:

Don Juan: Yeah, I just never found the right crop to sow my oats in, you know?

Friend: Ha ha. Yeah! [High fives]

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2006 04 04
He also neglected to ask about the concept of culpable ignorance

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Overheard on the B subway:

Guy #1: Damn, did you hear that? Why’d she not want me? Did she say my age? Damn. My age?

Guy #2: Son, that’s why I say, just don’t ask the age. If you don’t ask, then you don’t know, and if you don’t know, it’s not your fault, cause you didn’t know.

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2006 02 03
Overheard in the gym

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“I’m telling you, man, they wrote the bible thousands of years after Jesus, so how do we know any of it’s true?”

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2005 04 20
Overheard in DC

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This morning, on the metro from Arlington, VA into DC, a man’s voice came over the PA system:

Next stop, Foggy Bottom, George Washington University. This is the first stop in the District of Columbus.

I have heard the same thing at least twice before, and have heard testimony that it is a regular phenomenon.

UPDATE: A Google search seems to reveal that the DC d.m.v. has made the same booboo.

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2005 03 03
Serious hotness

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I don’t know why this just popped into my head. I’ll relate it for no particular reason. One of the clerks in our local video store is in a band. Whenever we go in there, he seems to be listening to himself or sulking about how he’s not famous yet. He has a few groupies – high school girls, I would guess – who like to drop in on the store sometimes. Anyway, my wife was in the store once and she overheard the clerk berating one of his groupies for missing a recent show. She kept apologizing for her groupie sins, until finally the clerk said, “Yeah, well, you know what I was wearing that night? This shirt [brandishes shirt]. You missed some serious hotness, ok?”

I just love that. Serious hotness.

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2005 02 19
Overheard on the F-line

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On the Brooklyn-bound F-train an hour ago:

Ladies and Gentlemen! Laaaaadies and Gentlemen! 16 Batteries for only one dollar! Just one dollar for 16 Batteries. Triple A, double A. If you got a remote, you gonna need ‘em. If you got kids, you gonna need ‘em. I even heard, if you husband ain’t home, you gonna need ‘em. Laaaadies and Gentlemen!

Speaking of subways, a month or two ago, at the 7th Ave. stop on the same line, I saw two “Wet Paint” signs on a post which had been slightly modified. The first was torn in two, and the “t” in “wet” discarded [update: and the “p” – sorry, I’m an idiot]. The second was torn in two, with the “paint” discarded. (For the slow among you, the result is: “We aint Wet”)

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2005 01 28
Overheard in New York

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I’ve been enjoying the site Overheard in New York since it’s launch a few weeks ago. Two samples. The first:

Dude #1: I’m gonna stand up as I turn. I’d like you to kick me in the nuts. The idea is to black out, end up in the hospital, and push this off on someone else. Ready?
Dude #2: I was born ready.

–59th & Park

And the second:

Don Juan: Sure I got a seven inch dick, but the thing no one ever talks about is I got a seven inch ball sack, too.

–Avenue A

They’re not all scatological. Those just happen to be the ones that make me giggle.

Via . . . aw, it was two weeks ago. How do I know?

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