2009 05 22
Ahmad Jamal tribute

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I mentioned earlier that Yoon is recording a live CD this Friday and Saturday at IBeam. Everybody’s welcome! Yoon goes on at 9:30pm sharp both nights for the second set.

In the first set of tomorrow night’s show (at 8:30pm) Jacob Sacks, Vinnie Sperrazza and Thomas Morgan will be doing a tribute to Ahmad Jamal’s But Not for Me: Live at Pershing Lounge 1958. It’s a funny project for these musicians, since I’ve never heard them play the same song in remotely the same way. But tomorrow night they’ll be lovingly recreating the album. They’re rehearsing it in my living room as I type this, and it sounds pretty fucking great.

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2008 02 06
Yours for a low, low price

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I noticed recently that 4inObjects‘s CD, released in 2006, is now selling for surely-irresistibly low prices on Amazon’s Marketplace (i.e., listed by private sellers on Amazon). Some of the CDs listed there seem to be offered in the original wrapping. I suppose this is what happens when you have a mass mailing: some of those CDs will reach weary music reviewers who decide that it’s better for them to sell the CD immediately, unopened, than to listen to it. Oh well.

Anyway. It’s good! Here’s the first track, written by Yoon, which sounds to me like it’s about an obsessive love affair with someone who is just no good. I assume that the song does not refer to me.

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2007 10 06
Secret gets out

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I’m not crazy about big band jazz, and especially not keen on contemporary big band jazz. OK, I admit I hate most of it. I’ve seen Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society twice now, though, and am happy to make an exception for it. I especially liked the show I saw this Thursday, which was great fun. But don’t take my word for it: You can listen to the whole thing on his site. Phobos and Ferromagnetic, the first two pieces, in particular were really crackling with energy. Yoon and I both noticed that the musicians were smiling a lot more than musicians on a big band gig usually smile, so I think everyone was having fun. Give it a listen. If I had to guess I would say that his two biggest influences are Radiohead and old James Bond movie soundtracks.

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2004 05 14
New York City Jazz

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A promising show coming up at the 55 bar:

Eivind Opsvik’s “Overseas”, Monday, May 17 – 10:00 PM
Eivind Opsvik – Bass, Tony Malaby – Saxophones, Jacob Sacks – Rhodes, Kenny Wollesen – Drums

I’ll be in town, so I may actually go to this one, even if it is far past by bedtime. If you go, be sure to introduce yourself. I’m the tall bald guy with all the tattoos.1 By the way, Eivind Opsvik‘s CD “Overseas” is very much worth buying, if you’re interested in extremely good jazz.

1. That was a joke.

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2004 05 07
New York City Jazz

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My lovely wife has a show coming up soon:

Yoon Sun Choi (voice) and Jacob Sacks (piano)

5C Cafe
68 Ave. C (corner of Ave C and East 5th Street)
F train to 2nd Ave or L train to 1st Ave

Saturday May 8th

Cover: $8.00

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2004 04 24
NYC Jazz Recommendation

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At the 55 Bar:

Ben Monder, Wednesday, April 28 – 10:00 PM
Ben Monder – Guitar, Kermit Driscoll – Bass, Take Toriyama – Drums

“Ben Monder has played nearly unsurpassable jazz guitar with any number of actual jazz groups. But what he plays with his own group comes from another planet.” -Ben Ratliff, NY Times

I saw Monder a week or two ago with a different group at Barbes in Brooklyn, and a month or so before that in the same venue with Take Toriyama (can’t remember who was on bass). Monder is highly recommended. Toriyama is a great drummer too. I wish I could make it to this show.

If you live in Brooklyn (especially on the F line) it might make more sense to wait until he’s at Barbes again. The 55 Bar is more expensive (cover plus a two drink minimum if I remember correctly; Barbes has a tip jar instead of a cover and they just cross their fingers over whether you’ll buy a drink).

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2004 04 16
More NYC Jazz

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Despite the fact that we all live in the U.S., and write mostly about U.S. sorts of things1, we seem to have picked up a healthy readership in Canada and the British Isles, somewhere out there over the cold, dark Atlantic. Who knew the internet could reach so far? All of this provides ample support for the old truism that you can take the boy out of the Commonwealth, but you can’t keep the Commonwealth away from his blog. (For those just joining, some of us, myself included, are Canucks on a secret mission to infiltrate American society).

Anyway, apologies to any readers for whom postings about NYC jazz or baseball (for those more into cricket, whatever that is, exactly) are an irrelevant jumble of words to be quickly scrolled past, on the way to True Enlightenment About Matters Political.

All this by way of announcing that everyone’s favourite band they never heard of, 4inobjects, is playing this coming Tuesday at the 55 Bar in Greenwich Village:

Yoon Sun Choi – voice
Jacob Sacks – piano/rhodes
David Ambrosio – bass
Jacob Garchik – Trombone
Dan Weiss – drums

Tuesday April 20
No Cover (two drink min)

It’s hard to describe the band. They’re all jazz musicians, but they play pop covers and originals, as well as the odd standard. I’ve been nagging Choi (me loovely wife) to give me a sample or something to throw up on her website, but the band is procrastinating on the ugly business of mixing the CD they recently recorded. Anyway, there’s nothing like checking it out to see if it’s your thing.

1. Yes, Iraq is primarily an “Iraq sort of thing”, and so on. I don’t mean to make the same mistake that many Americans make when they speak of what a terrible tragedy Vietnam was for the U.S. (which it undoubtedly was) without remembering to mention, you know, the other people who got hurt there. But I tend to write about international affairs from the point of view of what Americans ought to urge their government to do. It’s worth noting that lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to correct for some of the distortions that inevitably accompany that sort of focus.

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2004 04 10
The bragging will end when all the CDs are sold. That’s a threat, bucko.

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If Brad DeLong can use his blog to present evidence that his thirteen year old is better read than the average doctoral candidate (indeed, than this doctoral candidate), then by golly I’m entitled to brag here about my wife once in a while. I will, however, do it below the fold.
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2004 04 08
Pride (In the Name of Love)

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My lovely wife is interviewed on page 8 of this month’s All About Jazz (warning: PDF). It’s not especially interesting, but I can’t resist linking to it.

Full Disclosure: I’m married to my wife.

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2004 04 03
Some NYC Jazz

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If you live in NYC and enjoy jazz, you might want to check out two shows coming up at the 55 Bar:

Tony Malaby Group, Monday, April 5 – 10:00 PM

Tony Malaby – Saxophone, Angelica Sanchez – Keyboards, John Habert – Bass, John Hollenbeck – Drums

“Tony Malaby, the tenor saxophonist, has been busy since he landed in New York nearly a decade ago: he’s a schooled, poetic player who becomes involved with the density and shape of his notes, and he’s worth hearing for a lesson on where the lines are best drawn between abstraction and form.” -Ben Ratliff, NY Times

Dave Binney’s Balance, Tuesday, April 6 – 10:00 PM

Dave Binney – Alto Sax and Sampler, Jacob Sacks – Keyboards, Thomas Morgan – Bass, Dan Weiss – Drums.

Dave Binney acts as the cohesive element bringing together a wide range of New York’s finest progressive jazz musicians.

(Full disclosure: My wife plays with some of these people.)

In other news, expect light posting ahead. I’m still busy, and tonight my wife and I are throwing a surprise birthday party for our beagle, Coltrane. He doesn’t suspect a thing!

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