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2008 02 01
Bleg, or, phleg: Aristotle, catharsis, porn

It’s a philosophy-bleg!

My colleague is teaching Aristotle on catharsis this afternoon. The cartoon view of catharsis is that drama (or just? mainly? tragedy) is useful because it allows us to purge our harmful emotions by getting emotionally wrought over a fictional situation. My colleague is wondering whether Aristotle could say pornography is useful for purging the bad emotion (or, excess emotion?) of lust, or whether Aristotle would be required to say that porn is bad because it forms bad habits. So, Aristotle: for or against porn?

I told him I knew the man for this job, and then I thought other people might be interested too so I’m posting this rather than emailing you, CY.

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2004 04 29
Sex and Lettuce

I have two modest items to report in what may well end up being a running series here at explananda on the mysterious connection between sex and lettuce.

The first is from p. 185 of the April 19th & 26th New Yorker. The article is on joke collections, ancient and modern. Discussing one of the former kind, the author writes:

A couple of jokes about lettuce, for example, might have struck a Roman audience as hilarious, given their belief that lettuce leaves, variously, promoted or impeded sexual function.


Second, there is the old Egyptian myth:

After Osiris’ eventual death, while Horus was growing up and planning his own revenge, Set and Horus engaged in a homosexual relationship. In one part of the myth, Set proclaimed to Horus, “How lovely your backside is.” Informing his mother Isis about his uncle’s ardour, Horus is told to catch Set’s semen rather than becoming impregnated by the murderer of his father. Set, in doing so, was planning on humiliating Horus by showing the gods that Horus would be filled with someone else’s semen.

Horus and Isis’s next plan was to ‘impregnate’ Set with Horus’ semen. His mother spreads powerful unguents on Horus’ penis, after which he ejaculated into a jar, and they spread it on some lettuce, a favourite aphrodisiac to the ancient Egyptians. Set then ate the semen-covered lettuce, and so Horus (rather than Set with his first ‘attack’) bacame sexually dominant over his uncle. Set then asked the gods to bring the semen forth from the ‘impregnated’ one, to humiliate Osiris’ son. The semen comes out of Set himself, and he becomes the laughing stock of the gods!

Oh, that old trick!

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2004 04 26
Excuse me, but who doesn’t associate lettuce with pubic hair?

Ever heard of the Yezidis?

As followers of one of the world’s oldest and most unusual religions, Yezidis practice a faith that reveres Malak Ta’us, an angel in the form of a peacock, and forbids eating lettuce, wearing the color blue or marrying in April.

This comes via Phuzlein, who speculates that the bit about lettuce may be related to the Sumerican identification of lettuce with pubic hair.

Update: Anders Bell of Phluzein kindly writes in the comments to point us towards another post discussing an erotic poem which relies heavily on lettuce references. Let me tell you, it is hot.

Second Update: Daniel Geffin has more!

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