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2009 07 28
Ev Psych in the mainstream media

It’s really refreshing to read a piece so sceptical of evolutionary psychology in the mainstream media.

(My own take on the subject from a few years ago is here.)

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2005 10 07
Popper rides again

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Unfortunately, evolution is not “falsifiable” in the relevant sense, either. If anyone asks in the comment section what I mean, I’m sure Chris will offer a luminously concise explanation.

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2005 08 13
Lemieux on Adesnik on teaching evolution in the schools



A single voice crying in the wilderness (1)

2005 08 13
Zimmer on Weisberg on Darwin on faith, evolution and the evolution of faith

Good stuff.

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2004 11 09
Granny wann’a banana?


A suburban [Atlanta] school board found itself in court yesterday after it tried to placate Christian fundamentalist parents by placing a sticker on its science textbooks saying evolution was “a theory, not a fact”….

“It is unconstitutional to teach only evolution,” [Marjorie Rogers, a parent who does not believe in evolution,] said. “The school board must allow the teaching of both theories of origin.”

Her efforts galvanised the fundamentalist community.

“God created earth and man in his image,” another parent, Patricia Fuller, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Leave this garbage out of the textbooks. I don’t want anybody taking care of me in a nursing home some day to think I came from a monkey.”

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