2008 05 20
Shake your booty

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I was at a wedding this weekend, and so had occasion, once again, to observe people dancing. Although I find the values and goals of religious extremists abhorrent, I think that their hatred and fear of dancing makes perfect sense given those values and goals. It’s just so hot. Indeed, perhaps in part because I don’t see dancing all that often, whenever I do I’m struck by how incredibly openly sexual and, dare I say it, lascivious it all is. I think if I were an alien studying human behaviour and I knew just about everything there is to know about human beings except that we danced, I would not have predicted that it would be permissible in public. I’m not, of course, and it is, and thank goodness for that.

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2008 01 31
Double Feature

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A little while ago, I got wind of the New York City ballet’s offer of free tickets for two open dress rehearsals for a new show called Double Feature. The dress rehearsals were yesterday and today for the first and second acts of the show respectively. Yoon and I saw the second act this afternoon. It was great, and I recommend it even to people who don’t go in much for dance.

Double Feature bills itself as an homage to silent film. The first act is a melodrama in the style of a silent film, the second a comedy. The comedy was genuinely funny – Yoon and I laughed quite a bit throughout the entire show. Of course I don’t know a thing about dance, but the choreography struck me as inventive and playful.

So, good stuff. And free! Because it was an open dress rehearsal, they had to stop about four times to go over scenes again, but the audience seemed to be enjoying the show so much I doubt anyone minded much.

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