2008 02 18
PSA: WordPress’ pretty links

I had a subversion repository and a WordPress installation in the root of our little record label‘s domain. After changing the permalinks in wordpress to “pretty links” (that is, with a custom structure, instead of the ugly url endings like “?p=2228″), I wasn’t able to access subversion.

The “Customize Permalink Structure” page in WordPress’s administration panel really ought to explain two things clearly:

1. Setting up pretty links in wordpress is only possible if you use apache, since it uses .htaccess, which a MS server doesn’t use.

2. Using custom links will screw with .htaccess in such a way as to disable a service like subversion if your repository is in the same root as the wordpress installation.

You can fix the problem in #2 by either editing the .htaccess to add an exception for each repository, or you can just set up your repos in a subdomain. That’s what one of the Dreamhost supports guys told me, and after I chose the latter option, it worked.

Looking back, it was probably stupid to have them both in the same place anyway.

Anyway, that’s what you do, if you find yourself in this situation.

Now, may Google smile on my post and make it useful to others.

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