2009 03 01
Recovering from Grub Error 17

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I’m posting this in case it helps anyone who gets grub error 17 when they boot their computer.
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2004 05 28
Linux in Iraq

This piece in Wired News nicely combines two of my interests: Open Source Software and Iraq. Read on:
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2004 02 01
[MS and Linux]

I’m seriously thinking of migrating away from Microsoft Products. Reasons:

1. Shitty treatment of OpenOffice, the Word Processing program I now use. If they actually push ahead with this, I’ll be really very upset.
2. MS products are so frickin expensive.
3. We’re close to living in a computing monoculture. That’s not healthy.
4. Linux is improving a great deal, enough that even a schmuck like myself could use it. Perhaps.
5. Not so happy about some of Microsoft’s other policies.
6. Tired of constant security fuckups. Linux has ‘em too, but they deal with them more efficiently.

I’m not a knee-jerk MS hater. XP isn’t a bad system for regular users, except for its high price and tendency to go senile fairly quickly. And one thing I love about it is that it’s got just tons of freeware applications written for it (one nice effect of the fact that we live in something close to a computing monoculture). But the reasons above are weighing on me more and more.

I’ll probably just make my laptop a dual boot, running XP/Linux, and then cautiously move more and more of my life over to Linux. Not sure which flavour of Linux to use, but I’m leaning towards something user friendly like Fedora. I figure this way I’ll be able to get more out of my hardware, and I’ll have something nice as an alternative when MS tries to force the world to adopt Longhorn.

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