2008 01 11
All monotheists are equal, and above others

Via Eszter Hargittai, this report of a court decision that atheists cannot be adoptive parents in New Jersey. It’s now being appealed. The reasoning of the decision as described in that article is transparently loopy. For one thing, it suggests that the state would need take away the biological children of atheist parents, as well. Also [bitter semi-coherent rant about other nutso consequences of this judge’s theory redacted].

One of my students brought a related amazing fact to my attention this past semester. In Maryland, the original state constitution forbade atheists from holding public office. The clause (and similar ones in other state constitutions) were rendered ineffectual by a US Supreme Court decision in 1961, but the text remains in the state’s constitution. Here’s an explanation with details – scroll down to “religious discrimination in state constitutions” and then to “why these clauses are no longer valid”.

This kind of shit fills me with burning fiery anger. I don’t have anything funny to say about, maybe youse guys can come up with something.
(Also, isn’t it odd that fiery is spelled that way, rather than “firey”?)

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2004 09 13
Bush and God

Are you having trouble winning elections the old-fashioned way? Why not try something even older-fashioned? Why not just appeal to the divine right of kings?

I’m kidding. More or less. But honestly, this atheist gets awfully impatient some days.

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2004 05 04
One Nation, Indivisible

Our erstwhile redoubtable Chris has posted a good chunk of his proto-thesis material, and I hereby pay him back with a long entry on a political topic:

In March, the Supreme Court heard the case of California athiest Michael Newdow, who took his daughter’s school district to court to block daily recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance, which contains the phrase “one nation, under God”. Newdow says the government is telling his daughter that her dad’s religious beliefs are wrong or outside the governmentally-designated norm. He’s right, and any child could see so. I’m usually not terribly politically opinionated, but this debate turns me into a screaming orange Fury.

Witness my full wrath in the extended entry.
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