September 2009

2009 09 19
Attention grabbing

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Up until very recently I had paid so little attention to Kanye West that I thought his name was spelled and pronounced “Kayne.”

Well played, Mr. West. Well played.

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2009 09 16
Proust killed the book blog

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Well, no, not really. I’ve been very busy with lots of things. Also, this blog never dies! It just lies motionless sometimes, mainly to elude predators.

Still, whew! In Search of Lost Time is long. But I’ll be back with a review in just 1200 pages.

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2009 09 01
Google Books

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Holy shit, this is absolutely scathing. I’ve mentioned some problems in the past with Google Books, but I hadn’t realized just how badly they’re messing things up. It’s unfortunate. This actually matters.

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