July 2009

2009 07 31
Blogs and book marketing

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This is a sensible point: why would a publisher not want to capitalize on the fact that an author has a popular blog?

Note that it seems not to have occurred to OUP that mentioning LH might actually bring hordes of readers clamouring for the book. Some believe in God without knowing whether one exists; some know the Internet exists without believing in it.

A lot of the books that make it onto my reading list get there by way of a blog recommendation.

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2009 07 28
Ev Psych in the mainstream media

It’s really refreshing to read a piece so sceptical of evolutionary psychology in the mainstream media.

(My own take on the subject from a few years ago is here.)

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2009 07 17

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Walter Cronkite just died. My oldest political memories are of lying on living room floor in front of the television and watching Walter Cronkite’s nightly newscast. In particular, I remember how he used to count off the days of the Iranian hostage crisis. I also remember his last broadcast, and how he almost looked a bit tipsy during it, though it could have simply been emotion. I used to feel sorry for Dan Rather when he filled in for Cronkite, since Rather seemed sort of nervous and high-strung compared to Cronkite. Anyway, that’s what I remember of Walter Cronkite.

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2009 07 17

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So I finally broke down and joined Facebook a few days ago.

Most of the people I know don’t have blogs. Of course I knew in some abstract way that they might well be hanging out somewhere else online, but because I hardly even bothered to peek over Yoon’s shoulder when she was on FB, I didn’t realize the sheer volume of activity going on elsewhere, in that semi-private zone away from the world of blogs. It’s sort of like walking down a quiet, industrial street, turning into a dark path between two houses, and suddenly finding yourself in a lush garden filled with people talking and laughing and drinking, like in some beer commercial. Huh.

OK, so the blogosphere is not best described as a quiet, industrial street. I just mean that most people aren’t there, and a whole lot of people I know seem to be on FB.

Beyond that, and a general admiration at how they must be handling the technical challenges inherent in offering a service like this, I don’t have much of an impression to report yet.

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