Malcolm Gladwell gets a blog

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Cool. This post does a very nice job of explaining why every writer, no matter how prolific, ought to have a blog. Among the reasons, a blog allows for a little second-guessing:

Adam Gopnik just emailed me to tell me that, for some strange reason, a debate that he and I did for the Washington Monthly on the Canadian health care system six years ago has now been resurrected on various blogs. I just took a look. Here’s one of my favorite comments: “Very like their roles at The New Yorker, Gopnik is the voice of bourgeois sense, and Gladwell of extravagant, contrarian sensibility.” (I’m not sure Adam would be as happy with that descriptor as I am). In our debate, Adam vigorously defended the Canadian system, and I attacked it. But wait! That was six years ago! I’ve now changed my mind. I now agree with virtually everything Adam said and disagree with virtually everything I said. In fact, I shudder when I read what I said back then.

Funny, I shuddered too just skimming a description of the debate. But self-doubt just makes people so much more likable . . . I think.