Another “Gypped” sighting

This one on a NYT blog. (Previous sighting on Slate)

Look, not to be a dick about this, but isn’t that like saying “Jewed,” except, of course, that you’re trading on stereotypes about the Roma?

Update: They’ve deleted my comment on the NYT blog pointing this out and changed “gypped” to “cheated” in the body of the post. (I have a screen shot, in case you think I’m hallucinating all of this.) An email from the NYT Deputy Dining Editor tells me that they thought they had made the change shortly after posting, but that it hadn’t gone through. If it were my blog I think I would have noted the change and kept the comment, but it’s probably unreasonable to hold everyone else to Explananda’s incredibly high standards. It’s no biggie, and I swear I’m not auditioning to be the head of the language police.