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Just a few upcoming shows in the NYC area that caught my eye . . .

Sunday, Feb. 19th, 2006

The Ben Gerstein Collective

Ben Gerstein trombone
Jacob Sacks keyboard
Jacob Garchik computer
Eivind Opsvik bass
Thomas Morgan bass
Dan Weiss drums

444 7th ave. @15th St., Park Slope

Same night, more money:

Bill McHenry finishes up a week at the Village Vanguard with Paul Motion (drums), Ben Monder (guitar) and Reid Anderson (bass).

Yoon saw them on Friday night and said it was a great show. [Update: Here’s a review of the show.]

Tuesday, Feb. 21st, 2006

Everybody knows that Tuesday nights are for Slavic Soul Party at Barbes!

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, 2006

Bloody Panda plays at Tonic at 8pm. This is a doom metal band featuring the drummer in 4inObjects, the collective Yoon plays in. Sounds like fun in a now-I’ll-sacrifice-an-animal-then-kill-myself sort of way.

Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 2006

Same club, very different band: Toronto-based saxophonist Quinsin Nachoff plays at Tonic at 8pm with Mark Helias (bass) and Jim Black (drums).

Looking ahead a little, mark your calendars for March 1st, when 4inObjects plays the early set at Barbes.