Black on Perle

I hope you’ve been enjoying Conrad Black’s latest misery as much as I have. Anyway, I found this little gem in the piece linked in the last sentence. I had always assumed that Black and Richard Perle were tight. And perhaps they were. But if they were, it didn’t stop Black from running him down a bit behind his back:

The report contains e-mails from Black to other company officials about Perle, whom Black called a “trimmer and a sharper” who was profiting from Hollinger’s name in establishing his own venture fund.

“I have been exposed to Richard’s full repertoire of histrionics, cajolery, and utilization of fine print,” Black wrote. “He hasn’t been disingenuous exactly, but I understand how he finessed the Russians out of deployed missiles in exchange for non-eventual-deployment of half the number of missiles of unproven design.” Perle was an assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration.

With friends like that, Perle doesn’t need an S.E.C. investigation.

My favourite Conrad Black chronicler is Pogge, but sadly he’s on hiatus. Come on, Pogge, you slacker! Get back in the game, for old time’s sake.